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Professor for SME management and entrepreneurship, University of Siegen


  • Curriculum Vitae

    Prof. Dr. Friederike Welter is President of the IfM Bonn (Institut für Mittelstandsforschung) and professor for SME management and entrepreneurship, at University of Siegen, Germany, since February 2013. Prior to that, she worked at Jönköping International Business School, Sweden (2008-2013), at the University of Siegen (2004-2008) and in the Rhine-Westphalia Institute for Economic Research, Germany (1993-2006), from 2003-2006 as deputy head of the research division "Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Performance".

    Prof. Welter received her degree (Diplom) in economics and business administration from the University of Bochum in 1989. Her doctoral thesis on SMEs and SME support in Nigeria was funded by a scholarship of the state North-Rhine Westphalia (1990-92). In 2002, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lüneburg awarded her a prize for her professorship thesis (Habilitationsschrift) on patterns and evolvement of SME strategies in different environments. In 2005, she was awarded the TeliaSonera Professorship of Entrepreneurship at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia for her research on entrepreneurship in a transition context. She is visiting professor at Jönköping International Business School in Sweden and at the Small Business Research Centre at Kingston University in Kingston, UK.

    Prof. Welter has broad experiences in applied and policy-related research on entrepreneurship and small business, much of it in an international context. Since 2006, she is member of the advisory board for EXIST (university-based start ups), coordinated by the BMWi. On behalf of the BMBF, she headed the evaluation committee for the programme "VIP" (Validation of innovation potentials of scientific research).

    She has published widely and is on the review board of several leading entrepreneurship journals as well as associate editor of Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice since 2009. She is a Fellow of the European Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ECSB), which she headed as president from 2007-2009. Recently, she has been recognized as one of Germany’s most influential economists.

  • Monographs

    Holz, M.; Schlepphorst, S.; Brink, S.; Icks, A.; Welter, F. (2019): Bürokratiewahrnehmung von Unternehmen, in: Bonn, IfM-Materialien Nr. 274, Bonn.

    Welter, F. (2019): Entrepreneurship and Context, Cheltenham.

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    Leitch, C.; Welter, F.; Henry, C. (Hrsg., 2018): Women entrepreneurs´ financing revisited: taking stock and looking forward, Venture Capital, Vol. 20, No. 2, S. 103-114, Cheltenham.

    Manolova, T.; Brush, C.; Edelman, L.; Robb, A.; Welter, F. (Hrsg., 2017): Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and Growth of Women´s Entrepreneurship. A Comparative Analysis, Cheltenham.


  • Articles and Papers in Academic Volumes

    Brush, C.; Edelman, Linda F.; Manolova, T.; Welter, F. (2019): A gendered look at entrepreneurship ecosystems, in: Small Business Economics, Volume 53, Issue 2, Special Issue: Women Entrepreneurs in Ecosystems, S. 393-408.

    Welter, F. (2019): The power of words and images: towards talking about and seeing entrepreneurship and innovation differently, in: Audretsch, D. B.; Lehmann, E. E.; Link, A. N. (Hg): A Research Agenda for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, S. 179-196, Cheltenham.

    Welter, F. (2019): The Mittelstand: a Specific Entrepreneurial Profile of the Social Market Economy, Journal for Markets and Ethics, Vol. 6, Issue 1, S. 99-106, Warschau.

    Pahnke, A.; Welter, F. (2019): The German Mittelstand: Antithesis to the Silicon Valley entrepreneurship model?, in: IfM Bonn: Working Paper 01/19.

    Pahnke, A.; Ettl, K.; Welter, F. (2018): Women-led enterprises in Germany: the more social, ecological and corporate responsible businesses? In: Ratten, V.; Dana, L.-P.; Ramadani (Hrsg.): Women Entrepreneurship in Family Business, Routledge Frontiers of Management, Band 15, S. 46-62.


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