Relevance of the Digitalization for the German Mittelstand

The study on predominantly small- and medium-sized companies reveals that they are highly aware of the relevance of digitalization. International-oriented companies attach even more importance to digitalization. In comparison to companies of small or large sizes, the mid-sized ones show greater deficits in implementing digital processes, i.e., functional areas are less frequently assisted digitally. This may, among other things, stem from pronounced safety concerns, particularly as regards innovative companies. The positive relationship between companies with high growth in turnover and a simultaneous high degree of digitalization indicates that digitalization is worth it.

Schröder, C.; Schlepphorst, S.; Kay, R. (2015): Bedeutung der Digitalisierung im Mittelstand, IfM Bonn: IfM Materialien Nr. 244, Bonn.

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