Self-employment monitor 2014

Using data of the German Microcensus, this report analyses the development of self-employment and start-ups in Germany between 2011 und 2014. The total number of self-employed persons decreased in the period under observation from 5 011 000 to 4 947 000. This decrease was caused by the relatively strong decline in the number of persons whose main occupation is (full time or part time) self-employment. Contrary to this trend, the number of females in regular full time self-employment increased. Besides, we found an increasing number of males and females with secondary income from self-employment.

Suprinovič, O.; Norkina, A. (2015): Selbstständigen-Montitor 2014: Selbstständige in Deutschland 2011 bis 2014, hrsg. Institut für Mittelstandsforschung Bonn, Statistisches Bundesamt, Bonn.

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