The relevance of short-time work for small and medium-sized businesses

This paper aims to describe various aspects of cyclical short-time work in Germany. At first, the empirical examination of officially available data reveals that large establishments with at least 500 employees utilize short-time work much more than smaller establishments. While only 1.6 percent of small establishments with a maximum of nine employees utilize short-time work, 7.4 percent of medium sized establishments and 19.7 percent of large establishments, respectively, apply short-time in June 2009. Another focus of this study is on the legal frame of short-time work with a special focus on whether it can be understood as extraneous unemployment insurance benefits. The examination suggests that this is the case. For this reason, there is no systematic discrimination of establishments who do not apply short-time work.

Münstermann, L.; Schneck, S.; Wolter, H.-J. (2012): Die Bedeutung des Kurzarbeitergeldes im Mittelstand, in: Institut für Mittelstandsforschung Bonn (Hrsg.): IfM-Materialien Nr. 215, Bonn.

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