Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Germany

The report presents a brief overview of current and planned support for women’s entrepreneurship in Germany and provides an assessment of current and planned offerings in the areas of entrepreneurship skills, access to finance and the regulatory and institutional environment. Key strengths of women's entre-preneurship support in Germany lay in a wide and comprehensive range of pro-grammes for entrepreneurial skill development, access to financing for young as well as established businesses, in an overall supportive regulatory environment for entrepreneurship and family-friendly policies. However, there is room for im-provement in the stated areas, including promotion of entrepreneurial diversity (e.g. social entrepreneurship or part-time self-employment), overcoming signifi-cant gender segregation on the labour market, female representation within the financing industries, and a simplification of the administration process for busi-ness start-ups. Based on the stated strengths and weaknesses, we recommend a formal inter-ministerial group to coordinate women’s entrepreneurship support within the federal government and ensure that policy actions are consistent and coordinated, e.g. tax and family policy objectives. Furthermore, we recommend a higher awareness about the potential of women’s entrepreneurship through career guidance and the promotion growth-oriented female entrepreneurs.    

Bijedić, T.; Welter, F.; Halabisky, D. (2016): Supporting Women Entrepreneurs in Germany. Rapid Policy Assessments of Inclusive Entrepreneurship Policies and Programmes. Gutachten im Auftrag der OECD, Paris.


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