"Mittelstand" Policies in Change

The German Mittelstand has been undergoing considerable change for several years now. In the light of a new self-perception of the Mittelstand, policies targeting the Mittelstand should adjust accordingly. We recommend a framework-oriented policy comprising specific measures which positively influence attitudes, opportunities and skills with regard to entre-preneurship. Policy should not compensate for disadvantages but should rather focus on the strengths of the Mittelstand and use its potential in order to reach overall economic and social aims. Mittelstand policies are a cross-sectional task, since the specific features and ca-pabilities of the Mittelstand can only be fully exploited if the relevant policy makers and stakeholders co-operate. Policy should also specifically address the heterogeneous subgroups of the Mittelstand; however, without offering a broad range of different support programs for each group.

Welter, F.; Levering, B.; May-Strobl, E. (2016): Mittelstandspolitik im Wandel, IfM Bonn: IfM Materialien Nr. 247, Bonn.

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