Once entrepreneur, forever entrepreneur? Self-employment during the course of working life

The present study analyses the employment biographies of self-employed of different birth cohorts. The results show that most self-employed have only one self-employment episode in their life and a great percentage of them remains permanently self-employed. At the same time, an increasing discontinuity of employment biographies can be detected in the recent past. Switches between different employment forms become more frequent. In addition, selfemployment is given up early more often. Furthermore, start-up activities become more diverse. For instance, hybrid types of self-employment (which are exercised simultaneously with another employment status) have recently gained in importance. Nevertheless, hybrid self-employment only partly serves as a springboard into full-time self-employment.

Suprinovič, O.; Schneck, S.; Kay, R. (2016): Einmal Unternehmer,

immer Unternehmer? Selbstständigkeit im Erwerbsverlauf, in IfM Bonn: IfM

Materialien Nr. 248, Bonn.

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