"Mittelstand" Policies in practice - Business framework policy or funding policy?

This study elaborates elements of a future-oriented policy targeting the Mittelstand and addresses the German Länder as policy actors. Mittelstand policies still widely concentrate on funding, compensation for disadvantages or picking the winner. The Länder should make greater use of their competencies to design the framework that specifically influences the Mittelstand. Firstly, policies should focus more strongly on awareness-raising measures as well as on organisations that provide knowledge and information. Secondly, decision-makers in Mittelstand policies should be more aware of their cross-sectional function. Hence, they should exert their influence on essential policy areas such as educational and (soft) locational factors. Thirdly, communication policies should intensely be used as an instrument to make the Mittelstand feel valued and appreciated. Furthermore, communication policy can be used to provide individual subgroups with a greater sense of belonging to the Mittelstand.

Levering, B.; May-Strobl, E.; Norkina, A. (2016): Mittelstandspolitik in der Praxis - Rahmensetzung oder Förderung?, IfM Bonn: IfM-Materialien Nr. 251, Bonn.

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