Internationalisation of small and medium sized service industry enterprises as reflected by (official) data sources

The German trade in services continuously expands since 2001. So far unknown was the extent to which SMEs in the service sector participate in this trade. Although only 14 % of SMEs in the service sector export, they contribute a higher percentage share to the sector's total export volume than SMEs in the manufacturing sector. Services are predominantly trad-ed between (independent) enterprises or within multinational enterprise groups, e.g. usage rights for intellectual property or R&D-results. Exporting SMEs in the economic sectors transport, trade and business services generate on average 20 % of their total annual turnover on foreign markets.

Kranzusch, P.; Pahnke, A.; Kay, R.; Holz, M. (2016): Internationalisierung von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen im Dienstleistungssektor im Lichte der (amtlichen) Statistik, IfM Bonn: Daten und Fakten Nr. 17, Bonn.

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