Measuring the regulatory environment for SMEs – The case of Germany

In an increasingly complex global economy, the daily business activities of all enterprises are affected by a huge number of regulations in many different fields. This report provides an overview about the temporal and financial regulatory burdens, particularly of small and medium-sized enterprises. Interestingly, despite Germany’s recent efforts to implement better regulation policies and to scale down regulatory burdens on SMEs and entrepreneurs, the evidence from business surveys and expert assessments suggests that companies still do not perceive a significant reduction or they even point out a further increase of regulatory burdens. Based on a critical review of prevailing measurement tools and procedures applied in science and by means of cross-national good policy practices, the report makes policy recommendations to further relieve SMEs from regulatory burdens.

Schlepphorst, S.; Holz, M.; Welter, F. (2014):  Measuring the regulatory environment for SMEs – The case of Germany, in: OECD (Hrsg.): Regulatory Environment for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

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