The impact of curricular career orinentation and preparation programs on career choices of high school students.

Students' process of choosing an occupation and career path is of a significant importance, individually as well as socio-economically. Therefore there are lots of efforts made by several parties to inform young people about a preferably large scale of different occupational paths and to encourage them to make a well informed and reflected decision. Given the high importance of this decision on the individual level, which is already established early on, and the ever-growing challenges on the domestic labour market due to demographic shifts (EFI 2012), it is crucial to enable young students to make an informed and valid choice for their career aspirations. The study at hand focuses on the influence of curricular career orien-tation and preparation programs on the individual career choice of high school in a holistic way. We take demographic variables, interpersonal as well as institutional factors. The study is based on data of the National Educational Panel of the cohort of young people from the ninth school year (NEPS).

Bijedic, T.; Pahnke, A. (2017): Zum Einfluss von Berufsorientierungsmaßnahmen an Schulen auf das Berufswahlverhalten von Jugendlichen. In: Arndt, H. (Hrsg.): Perspektiven der Ökonomischen Bildung: Disziplinäre und fachübergreifende Konzepte, Zielsetzungen und Projekte, Schwalbach/Ts, S. 49-67.


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