The Future Panel on SMEs 2017 – An updated Expert Survey on the Challenges for the German Mittelstand

Digital transformation is a challenge for the Mittelstand which affects many different management and policy fields. This is a key result of the current expert survey for the Mittelstand future panel 2017. In addition to digital transformation which requires fundamental strategic responses, the inquired experts identify key challenges also with regard to innovation capabilities and competitiveness, internationalisation in the context of greater political and market uncertainties, as well as securing enterprise survival. As a consequence, Mittelstand policies will have to increasingly cover additional policy fields in future: These include not only the creation of Mittelstand-specific framework conditions, but also regulatory policies (Ordnungspolitik), education and regional policies, as well as labor market and migration policies.

Kranzusch, P.; May-Strobl, E.; Levering, B.; Welter, F.; Ettl, K. (2017): Das Zukunftspanel Mittelstand 2017 – Update einer Expertenbefragung zu aktuellen und zukünftigen Herausforderungen des deutschen Mittelstands, IfM Bonn: IfM-Materialien Nr. 256, Bonn.

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