Migrant-led family businesses

Migrant-led family enterprises are an important economic entity: They constitute 10 % of all family firms in Germany and make an important contribution to the labour market integration of the migrant population by employing a higher than average percentage of migrants. Al-though they are smaller and younger than non-migrant family firms, they generate more in-novation and often focus on skill-intensive branches. Their high international focus is not restricted to the owners' region of origin. Migrant-led family firms focus more on a price competition than native-led family firms, which often leads to problems of the profit ratio. Due to their smaller size and age, they have a narrower network and less institutional contacts. In order to reduce this disadvantage, chambers and business associations are advised to address migrant entrepreneurs' specific requirements.

Bijedić, T.; Kay, R.; Schlepphorst, S.; Suprinovič, O. unter Mitarbeit von Ettl, K. (2017): Familienunternehmen von Migranten, IfM Bonn: IfM-Materialien Nr. 261, Bonn.

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