Data security and missing standards in the Mittelstand

This book contribution examines the extent to which data security and legal certainty and missing standards and norms represent major challenges for companies in the manufacturing sector to realize Industry 4.0 (also known as 'Industrial Internet') in Germany. The results suggest that companies shy away from establishing ICT-based connetions to other firms due to a lack of data security and legal certainty. This especially holds in the case of companies that engage in research and development and those that are active in doing business abroad. Missing standards and norms are not seen as major challenges yet. However, this perception is likely to change when Industry 4.0 technologies will be increasingly used by companies.

Schröder, C.; Dienes, C. (2017): Datensicherheit und fehlende Standards im Mittelstand, in: Fit für die Zukunft - Herausforderungen und Trends für den deutschen Mittelstand, Dresden, S. 129 ff.

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