Internationalisation in the company related service sector - Forms, obstacles and the need for support in German SMEs

Services are attributed certain characteristics with negative impact on their tradability: High need for explanation, low degree of standardization, and the mandatory interaction between the service provider and the recipient. Furthermore, limited internal resources restrict trade activities of SMEs. This study examines the influence of these factors on the internationalization in the company related service sector on the basis of expert interviews. According to the experts, the effort to establish contacts and gather information across borders, in combination with a lack of strategic orientation to foreign markets leads to negative profitability expectations. The effort is determined by country specific framework conditions (public and market-specific). A service- and trade-friendly design of the international framework is recommended.

Hoffmann, M.; Kranzusch, P. (2017): Internationalisierung im unternehmensnahen Dienstleistungssektor - Formen, Hemmnisse und Unterstützungsbedarfe deutscher KMU, IfM Bonn: IfM-Materialien Nr. 263, Bonn.

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