Repatriates as entrepreneurs? - A theoretical analysis

This contribution raises the question as to whether repatriates may pursue entrepreneurship and aims to theoretically determine if repatriates are particularly suitable candidates for venturing into self-employment. To address this research question, the Jack-of-all trades view and the human and social capital theories are employed. Research shows that insufficient repatriation strategies in international firms, lead these usually qualified, skilled and experienced employees to change employers after an international assignment. Clear insights into whether they also opt for self-employment as a career path are unavailable. To investigate this prospect, the opportunity recognition and development approach is applied because the realisation and exploitation of market opportunities is a precondition for venturing into self-employment. The above named theories are also employed to compare repatriates and start-up entrepreneurs as they have been found to facilitate the identification and exploitation of ideas. Profile similarities are found to prevail thus supporting our proposition.

Burer, E.C.; Schlepphorst, S.; Werner, A.; Moog, P. (2013): Repatriates as entrepreneurs? - A theoretical analysis, in: International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, Vol. 5, No. 3, 292-308.

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