Reform of the Points of Single Contact (PSCs) – Inspirations from European good-practice

Starting point of the present study is the weak German performance compared to other EU-countries in implementing fully operational Points of Single Contact (PSCs). Based on half-standardized expert interviews, the study presents the more advanced PSC-systems in Austria and Denmark and derives policy recommendations for Germany. In addition to necessary improvements in the field of e-government, policy actors should aspire to accomplish largely harmonised, modularly designed structures for the reformed PSC-portals in the 16 German federal states – also with the help of a co-ordination group and the co-operation with relevant external stakeholders. The consolidation of existing parallel support services should be achieved through a specific board. Further recommendations refer to the contents and structure of the PSC-portals, the completion of procedures and formalities through the PSC and the stronger automation of the PSC's helpdesk function.

Holz, M.; Icks, A.; Levering, B. unter Mitarbeit von Kasdorf, A. (2018): Reform der Einheitlichen Ansprechpartner (EA) – Anregungen von europäischen Good-Practice-Beispielen, IfM-Bonn: IfM-Materialien Nr. 264, Bonn.

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