Business successions in Germany 2018 to 2022

Due to a lack of data from official statistics, IfM Bonn regularly estimates (since the mid 1990s) the number of enterprises which are to be transferred to new owners. The current estimation for the period 2018 until 2022 calculates a number of approx. 150 000 enterprises with some 2.4 million employees in search of new owners. Based on the statistics of business notifications, we carried out an additional approximation of business transfer activities which shows that the estimated data from IfM Bonn reflect the number of actual business transfers quite well. How enterprise succession is eventually organised (i.e., family-internal, company-internal or company-external) is also difficult to predict due to the lack of official statistical data. Our analyses, however, suggest that approx. half of family businesses that face enterprise succession transfer their company to a family member. Approx. 18 % of family businesses are transferred to employees, while the remaining 29 % are sold to outsiders.

Kay, R.; Suprinovic, O.; Schlömer-Laufen, N.; Rauch, A. (2018): Unternehmensnachfolgen in Deutschland 2018 bis 2022, IfM Bonn: Daten und Fakten Nr. 18, Bonn.

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