Implementation guide work 4.0: Using artificial intelligence for the productive and preventive work design: Background knowledge and design recommendations for the implementation of 4.0 technologies.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are faced with the great task of mastering the challenges of digital transformation in the world of work and using them as opportunities. The increasing use of new 4.0 technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) influences many areas of our work and everyday life. These include, for example, technologies that are used in smartphones, vehicles and systems, rooms or technical assistance devices. Everywhere, self-entered data as well as data from sensors that are processed and used by AI play an important role. The use of 4.0 technologies is associated with a profound change that affects all companies and extends to all industries. This change places new demands on work and organizational design in companies. The implementation guide "Work 4.0" assists the integration of autonomous technical systems based on artificial intelligence (such as individual or linked smart work equipment, self-propelled vehicles, smart personnel deployment planning, messenger services). They are addressed to experts, consultants and interested actors in companies in order to provide background knowledge on how to design productive, safe and healthy work. The implementation guide deals with important topics in the fields of leadership and culture, organisation, safety and health.

Offensive Mittelstand, Stiftung "Mittelstand – Gesellschaft – Verantwortung" (2019) (Hrsg.): Umsetzungshilfen Arbeit 4.0. Künstliche Intelligenz für die produktive und präventive Arbeitsgestaltung nutzen: Hintergrundwissen und Gestaltungsempfehlungen zur Einführung der 4.0-Technologien. Heidelberg.


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