Start-ups of women - current developments

Women have always been underrepresented among founders in Germany. This under-representation has increased again in the recent past. Analyses based on the statistics of business notifications show that this is due, on the one hand, to the fact that the propensity of women to start a business has declined even more than that of men. On the other hand, a far above-average level of start-up activity of men from the EU-8 and EU-2 accession states, with which their female compatriots cannot keep up, contributes to this. Some of the enterprises founded by women have different industry foci than those founded by men. Most of them are in the service sector. Women are even slightly over-represented among founders in the liberal professions. Qualitative differences in terms of size and innovation potential hardly exist (any longer) between individual commercial enterprises founded by women and men.

Kay, R.; Günterberg, B. (2019): Existenzgründungen von Frauen - aktuelle Entwicklungen, in: IfM Bonn: Daten und Fakten Nr. 24, Bonn.

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