Crises of SMEs: challenges, developments, and resilience of women- and migrant-led companies

This study examines the process of a business crisis of small companies of all sectors of the economy in the Frankfurt/Main (Germany) area. Particular emphasis is laid on the challenges faced by migrant- and women-led companies. On the basis of a total of 527 companies surveyed, 44.1 % were identified as women-led and 26.2 % as migrant-led. Four out of ten migrant-led companies have gone through an existential crisis in the last five years – a larger share than non-migrant-led companies. Three in ten women-led enterprises have experienced a crisis, just as much as men-led enterprises. By and large, there is little difference between migrant- and women-led enterprises and their respective counterparts. This finding speaks against group-specific support measures. At best, measures should address all entrepreneurs, regardless of their origin or gender.

Dienes, C.; Schlepphorst, S. (2019): Krisen von KMU: Herausforderungen, Verlauf und Resilienz frauen- und migrantengeführter Unternehmen, im Auftrag der J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation, Frankfurt/Main.

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