Costs of bureaucracy in SME

The smaller a company is, the more time it spends on dealing with regulatory tasks. From a macroeconomic view, however, it is important to create positive conditions for any company size. This also includes reducing costs of compli-ance to a minimum. Still, small companies are disproportionately strongly af-fected by costs like e.g. the ones related to reporting obligations.

While deregulation has advanced substantially over the past years, there still remains potential to improve the general conditions, especially in cooperation with the European Union. A first step would surely be to put greater emphasis on the costs new regulation entails already during the legislatives procedure.

Welter, F.; Holz, M.; Icks, A. (2013): Bürokratiekosten für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen, in: Wirtschaftspolitische Blätter, Die Kosten der Rtegulierung, 4/2013, Wien.

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