On the way to gender-specific models for entrepreneurship research

The number of female entrepreneurs is growing rapidly all over the world as they make an essential contribution to employment, innovation and the economic growth. But which aspects influence the decision to establish a company? The three authors have developed a model that helps estimate the probability of founding. On that basis, the different influences of  institutional, spatial, and social contexts on the desirability and feasibility of entrepreneurial behaviour have to be considered.

Brush, C.; de Bruin, A.; Welter, F. (2014): Auf dem Weg zu genderspezifischen Modellen in der Gründungsforschung, in: Gather, C.; Biermann, I. et al. (Hrsg.): Die Vielfalt der Selbstständigkeit. Sozialwissenschaftliche Beiträge zu einer Erwerbsform im Wandel, Berlin, S. 37-48.


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