The Future Panel on SMEs – An Expert Survey on the Challenges for the German Mittelstand

Changing demographics, globalization, scarcity of resources, climate change and dynamic technology and innovation will affect small and medium sized enterprises in Germany (Mittelstand companies). In order to identify and evaluate actual challenges and upcoming topics an internet-based survey of experts which comprised representatives of politics, business and academia – the so called IfM Bonn Future Panel on SMEs – was conducted. In this first round of survey we found 58 topics which were attributed to 8 action fields. The findings will help to elaborate future key topics for SME policy makers and SME research.

Welter, F.; May-Strobl, E.; Schlömer-Laufen, N.; Kranzusch, P.; Ettl, K. (2014): Das Zukunftspanel Mittelstand – Eine Expertenbefragung zu den Herausforderungen des Mittelstands, in: Institut für Mittelstandsforschung Bonn (Hrsg.): IfM-Materialien Nr. 229, Bonn.

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