The Future Panel on SMEs – Challenges for the German Mittelstand from the Entrepreneurs' Point of View

This paper complements our expert survey on the challenges for the German Mittelstand in 2014 (The IfM Bonn Future Panel on SMEs) by taking into consideration the entrepreneurs' point of view. The results of our business survey show that (out of eight relevant action fields) the companies' top priority is to preserve or even enhance competitiveness and innovation capabilities. Topics such as demand for skilled labour or bureaucratic burdens which are highlighted in other policy contexts and discourses turn out to be less important. We identify specific challenges for different segments of the Mittelstand in order to provide policy makers with information for the design of Mittelstand support policies.

May-Strobl, E.; Welter, F. (2015): Das Zukunftspanel Mittelstand - Herausforderungen aus Unternehmersicht, IfM Bonn: IfM-Materialien Nr. 239, Bonn.

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