Women and Work

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is one of the leading economic regions in Europe. 22.1% of Germany's gross domestic product is generated here. Furthermore around 761,000 (99.6%) small and medium enterprises dominate the industry in NRW. It's importance is reflected not only in the key sectors of energy, chemicals, metal and the automotive industry, but also in business services.

To pursue future challenges successfully, companies need highly qualified employees and strategies to attach them to the company on a long term. However due to the demographic shift a dramatic shortage in skilled labour is expected especially in NRW. According to Chamber of Commerce Germany, there is a shortage in NRW of more than 350,000 regarding highly skilled professionals. However, the professionals monitor for this area is forecasting a decline in excess of supply, so that by 2025 a supply gap is expected also among assisting professions with lower skill profiles.

This study examins the work of support centres in NRW which specialize in supporting women reentering the labour market after family breaks.

Icks, A.; Bijedić, T.; Kriwoluzky, S. (2014): Frau und Beruf, Düsseldorf/Bonn.


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