Sales growth and growth thresholds in German firms

The description of sales growth and possible growth thresholds is the main objective of this study. Smaller firms are shown to grow at a faster rate than larger ones. Most of the companies with minimum annual sales of 40,000 € are not growing, but stagnating or shrinking. The same is observed for firms in all size classes until annual sales exceed 1.5 million €, where the majority of observations indicates sales growth. Between these two size classes, the majority of companies has to cope with declining sales or stagnation. We therefore suggest that middle-sized microenterprises seem to be especially affected by barriers to growth.

Schneck, S.; Werner, A.; Wolter, H.-J.  (2015): Umsatzwachstum und Wachstumsschwellen deutscher Unternehmen, IfM Bonn: IfM-Materialien Nr. 240, Bonn.

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